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Matala 6-Way Air Pump Manifold

A Matala 6-Way Air Pump Manifold directs airflow into 6 directions supporting different aeration devices throughout a water garden or aquatic feature. Excellent for aquariums or supplying air stones within a pond. The manifold outlets have valved taps.

  • Outlet Connections: BARB
  • Outlet Hose/Tubing Size: 1/8″ to 3/16″
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SKU: MW20450 MPN: 6 WAY
Category: Pond Aeration
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Matala 6-Way Air Pump Manifold

Note: It’s important to size these manifolds to the air pump being used. The 6-Way manifolds, if used incorrectly, can exert increased back pressure on air pumps causing them to run hot and wear out the rubber diaphragms faster.

For Matala Hakko Linear Air Pumps:

  • Use the 6-Way Air Pump Manifold for Hakko 25 only; using all 6 outlets.
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