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Atlantic Medium Pond Kit – 11x11ft

A complete pond kit for building a medium sized backyard pond water garden

  • Pond Size: 11ft x 11ft
  • Liner Size: 15ft x 15ft
  • Underlayment: 12ft x 12ft
  • Pump: Atlantic TT4000
  • Skimmer: Atlantic PS4600
  • FilterFalls: Atlantic BF1900 (19in)
  • Tubing: 2in x 25ft
  • Lighting:(x2) WWCS2 LED Spot lights, WW30X4 Transformer, and Splitter
  • Includes: Fittings, sealant, PVC glue, (x2)falls foam, and all necessary accessories
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MPN: PK191515
Categories: Pond Kits, Water Garden Kits
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