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Lake Protector 64oz

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Carefree Enzymes Lake Protector 64oz kick starts beneficial bacteria that breaks down contaminants; providing clear and healthy water.

  • Water clarifier
  • Reduces organic matter
  • Non-toxic, all natural enzymes
  • Buffers water pH
  • For use in lakes or lagoons
  • Safe for fish, pets, birds, and plants
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Carefree Enzymes Lake Protector 64oz

Highly concentrated and formulated for lakes and lagoons. Contains safe and natural food-based enzymes. Bacteria free. Indigenous bacteria (Mother Nature’s cleaning agents) eat the nutrients produced in lakes. These nutrients are the cause of contaminants like algae and sludge. Often times Mother Nature cannot keep up. Enzymes break down these contaminants so that natural bacteria can absorb them. When bacteria absorb these nutrients the by-product becomes nitrogen; laving the water naturally clean. Lakes are full of bacteria and without enzymes the water will remain unbalanced and unattractive.

Lake Protector Safety Data Sheet

One ounce per 8,000 gallons of water. Monthly, mix measured amount with 10 parts water and spray over entire surface. For best results, instead of applying monthly, cut ratio in half and apply every other week.

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