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Muck Eraser Pellets 5lbs

Pond Basics Muck Eraser Pellets 5lbs is a 100% all natural, all season, sinking pellet muck and sludge reducer for large ponds and lakes. Muck Eraser pellets reduce bottom sludge caused by fish waste and dead plant material build up.

  • Reduces sludge buildup
  • Helps reduce odors and clear cloudy water
  • Pellets sink and dissolve slowly
  • Store in a cool dry location. Do not reuse container.
  • Size: 5lb pail
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Category: Sludge Reducers
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Pond Basics Muck Eraser Pellets 5lbs

Application: (8oz scoop included) For full pond treatment apply 4-6lbs 8-12 scoops per surface acre of water every 2-4 weeks. For spot treatments apply 8pz (1 scoop) per 1,000-1,500 square feet of beach, shoreline, or problem area every 2 weeks.
For best results: Use with Pond Basics Balancing Act Beneficial Bacteria. Muck Eraser Pellets should be applies every 2 weeks when water temperatures are above 55F. Cold water strains will have effectiveness in water temperatures as low as 35F.

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