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Natural Phosphate Binder 2lbs

Pond Basics Natural Phosphate Binder 2lbs binds excess phosphates in pond water and helps buffer water pH preventing harmful swings that can hurt pond fish and other aquatic life.

  • Helps clear murky water
  • All natural formula
  • Can be used all season long
  • Safe for fish and aquatic life
  • Non-chemical alternative to aluminum sulfate (ALUM)
  • Size: 2 lbs (approx. 40 scoops)
  • Treats: Up to 20,000 gallons (1oz per 500 gallons)
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Pond Basics Natural Phosphate Binder 2lbs

Application: Mix with several gallons of pond water to create a slurry, then spread around edges of pond. Multiple treatments per week can be used for murky water. Can be applied up to twice the recommended rate. For an initial dose, apply 1oz. (1 scoop) per 500 gallons of pond water, twice per week for the first two weeks. For maintenance applications apply 1oz per 500 gallons every 1-2 weeks. For best results use with Pond Basics Dry Bacteria and Pond Basics Sludge & Muck B-Gone in alternate weeks, or during bacteria treatments.

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