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Pond Liner

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High-quality Rubber Pond Liner for your next pond, pondless stream, disappearing fountain, or waterfall project. Sold per square foot.

  • Material: EPDM Rubber Membrane
  • Thickness: 0.045″, 45mil (1.14mm)
  • Weight per sq.ft: ~.284 lbs/sq ft (1.39 kg/m2)

Not sure how many square feet you need? Use our Liner Calculator below!

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Custom Cut EPDM Pond Liner

Rubber pond liner is one of the most common methods for maintaining volumes of water for ponds, rainwater reservoirs, pond-free streams, even disappearing fountains. EPDM liner is durable, long-lasting, and flexible.

Installation Tips: Remove sharp stones, roots, and anything that could potentially tear the liner within the excavated or constructed area where it will reside. Consider adding a layer of sand over the area the liner will be used, along with a fabric underlayment prior to adding the liner. Don’t drag the liner into place, but instead unfold or unroll it to avoid anything cutting into the liner.

Liner Size Calculator

Estimate the rubber liner dimensions & square footage that you need for your project.
Please Note: Pond Supplies of Ohio makes no gaurantee calculated values are absolutely accurate. Please double check against your own calculations before placing an order.