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PV7500-PV15000 Pump Vault Extension

Atlantic PV7500-PV15000 Pump Vault Extension

  • Model: PVEXT
  • Compatible With: PV7500, PV15000
  • Opening: 12.25″ x 14.75″
  • Discharge: 2″ & 3″
  • Dimensions: 27″L x 16″W x 18⅜”H
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Atlantic PV7500-PV15000 Pump Vault Extension

Pump vaults house and protect water pumps and system components within underground water storage, rainwater harvesting, and water circulation systems. Atlantic’s new redesigned pump vault line occupy the same footprint as Atlantic Eco-Blox for simplified, easy installation within a rectagular reservoir. Atlantic pump vault extensions increase the height of compatible pump vaults for deeper and larger basins. Each extension is the same height as one Eco-Blox.

Atlantic 2022 Pond-Free Installation Guide

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