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T165XP Xtended Pod

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Filtrific T165XP Xtended Pod expands the water storage capacity of T390F or T75F filtration tanks by 165 gallons.

  • Adds 140 gallons of water-in-motion reserves to T390F Tanks
  • Adds 96 gallons of water-in-motion reserves to T75F tanks
  • Includes four 6in coupling ports for connecting to filter tanks or additional expansions
  • Includes one 3in overflow port
  • Reinforced dome lid can be covered by landscaping
  • Lid vented for pressure equalization
  • Includes couple pipe and fittings
  • Dimensions: 63″L x 37″W x 32″H
SKU: FT11100 MPN: T165XP
Category: Filter Systems
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Filtrific T165XP Xtended Pod

Filtrific T165XP Xtended Pods Supporting Truck

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