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Balancing Act 10lbs

Pond Basics Balancing Act 10lbs is an natural mix of enzymes and non-pathogenic beneficial bacteria formulated to reduce nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, odors and other forms of organic matter in large ponds and lakes year round.

  • All natural powder-based formula
  • 8oz water soluble packets
  • Reduces organic bottom sludge
  • Helps reduce odors and excess nutrients in pond water
  • Size: 10 lbs
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Pond Basics Balancing Act 10lbs

Directions: Ponds and water bodies are treated by Balancing Act based on surface size, not depth. For best results apply every two weeks when water temperatures are above 55F. Cold water strains are effective in water temperatures as low as 35F.
Application: In the spring, or for an initial treatment apply 8lbs per surface acre. Apply 4lbs per surface acre every 2 weeks for maintenance. For problem ponds, apply 6lbs per surface acre every two weeks

Note: Avoid using copper-based algaecides for 48 hours before applying Balancing Act treatments

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